Saturday, April 10, 2010

my result's suck...

omg how i can acc my result?
i got 6subj fail le...
nez week's coming ><
i wonder how i hand out the report card gif my mum.
my percentage juz 60 nia.
you know wat.60...60...60...!!!
last yr 70 and now i even juz 60.
i tot i can calm dwn myself but i just cant control myself stop thking.
maths's hard bio's hard chem's hard physic's hard tooo....
i in science stream but my science and maths all fail..
wat m i doin?
i don un those subj or i rely not suitable in science stream
i regret last yr y don pray my mum let me in art...
i rely regret but i've to acc...
its hard waiting 3yrs end...
i hope my percentage can at least 70 ...
i rely cant acc anymore....
i'm still so optimistic de
i rely hope my wish come true nia...
i do study but i do admit i'm stupid dolphin ><


  1. nah==
    come and ask me when u dont know..i will teach dao u 100%

  2. now form4 liao ma.
    saya punya pun macam ini la
    be tough my dear <3

  3. juz be optismitic do accept
    n c watever method can make it changes!
    jia you!
    i noe u can de!
    clas so mnay pro!
    u go ask them how 2 do lah!
    acatualy until,now
    the science n math haven come out their real dificult!
    jia you!
    if u dun mind!
    can ask me der!

  4. woi don't sad la ar sopo.
    many ppl gt lapsap result this time mah ><

    yeah be optimistic =D
    gahyew dear X)

  5. yo~gambateh ya..=)you sure can pass through it de orh^^